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Trump, escucha! Estamos en la lucha!

In my long(ish) life I’ve been to a few actions and demonstrations, the matters at hand ranging from the desire for a new stop sign to a plastic bag ban to the plea for reproductive rights for everyone.

Today’s immigrant demonstration was particularly pithy, what with the young man who wondered why his mother sacrificed everything in Central America to take her family to the US, and found out it was to evacuate him, her son who she knew was gay long before he did, to safer ground; the trans woman employed at a  prominent local university without citizenship status; and the undocumented women with children here legally, one at her hip, at imminent risk of a shredded family. All have everything — everything — to lose, by the stroke of a pen from the man in whose front yard they spoke.


heal the rupture between the breathing and the breathless

We are possibly searching these day for a way to express shame, sadness and outrage at recent events showing the rupture between the police and the policed, the armed and the unarmed, the still breathing and the breathless.

On Friday evening, 12 December, members of DC faith communities and others will line 16th St. NW from the White House to the Maryland line (the blocks between W St. and Harvard St. are designated for the All Souls Unitarian Church). We will not protest or demonstrate besides showing peaceful respect and holding candles or other lights.