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I — no fan of pro football — tried to explain that touchdown to William, who doesn’t watch football at all either. But I think I nailed it, because they showed it on TV after that and it looked like what I said!  I said:
…the game was basically over by the time this happened. Despite some drama early in the day, the white-jersey team had just made the kick-through-the-goalposts, which gives three points instantly. There was essentially no time left on the clock, so people would probably be putting on their coats and leaving. (Except it was Minnesota, I think, so they probably had their coats on the whole time.)
Then the purple-jersey team kept playing anyway! One guy, way back in the field, threw the ball right to a teammate, surrounded by NO ONE! He caught it, turned to run through a field that looked like NEBRASKA — uninhabited. (Kristi Ormsbee can attest to this, as we discussed it for hours while driving through Nebraska in August.)
He ran swiftly, and I think the official clock must have run out while he was en route, but since NO ONE was around, he just stuck his landing with no drama in the end zone.