when you wash the dishes, they also wash you


When I was little, washing dishes was a shared activity. Washing with my Grandma Swanson in Cloquet, Minnesota, is one of the clear memories I have of her.  She said to use really hot water, dried plates and glasses with a cloth — no air-drying. She talked about things — she was the mother for all my father’s teenage friends, the one who made sure they bought corsages for the prom.

Was she a calm person, or is it the hands and arms in warm water that is soothing to everyone?   That association will always stick for me.

Note to architects:  the kitchen sink must pair with a window.

CIMG2337Our kitchen at Berkeley Springs, November 2014 (photo mine).


2 responses to “when you wash the dishes, they also wash you

  1. Jonnie Ryan says: Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of this in his teachings, and it is so true. I have great memories of washing wine and beer glasses the morning after Jolie’s wedding with you and William, and my, what conversations we had.

  2. And cousin Gail (Swanson) Pollard says: Lisa I have the most wonderful memories of Grandma!. Being the oldest grandchild I spent a lot of time with her,;staying overnight when Grandpa was working out of town. She taught me my bedtime prayers, how to do hand sewing & make button necklaces. We had afternoon tea with special treats. We attended church together. Even during confirmation prep when we had to go to church on Sundays to take notes, I went with Grandma. We attended many meatball/ lutefisk dinners in the church basement. She introduced me to lefsa which she made. The very most special event was taking the bus to Duluth(she didn’t drive) to go shopping!! We shopped at Wahl’s & the Glass Block- oh what a vision to my little girl eyes!! We would eat lunch in the Glass Block basement. I could not have had a better grandma!! A kind gentle woman who knew what little girls like. She loved her 3 sons & my Dad loved her & had great respect for her. She is my role model to be a good & loved grandma to my 4 precious grandchildren.

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