Here but for a liver — you can help

After a long struggle and multiple peaks and valleys of hope and despair, my sister’s husband, John, has died.  At the time, he was waiting for a donor liver, and had every reason to think one would come into his world soon. (Shortly before the last days, the family had the urgent call to come to the hospital and prep for surgery, but the organ available was then judged unsuitable.)

A post-mortem request from the family is that you — you — declare that you are an organ donor.  I know that as in all matters public and private, people will fall into teams supporting and decrying the practice. Some note that organs and tissues are recycled in an unfair manner, with the less-deserving somehow showing up high on the list. (Think Dick Cheney’s heart.) That may be true, but as more organs come available in more geographic regions, the wait list shrinks a little and the bottom moves upward.


It’s an easy pledge to make on your part — see my Washington, DC, driver’s license here, which I didn’t have to print up myself or anything — and when the time comes, you won’t even know it has occurred so it will cause you no trouble.

Pledge to allow the possibility, and tell your mates you have done so.


5 responses to “Here but for a liver — you can help

  1. So sorry for your loss Lisa. My DL notes that I’m a donor, although these aging organs probably wouldn’t serve people well. A friend’s young brother died in a rollover and they were able to harvest just about everything and give the organs to people in need. She now speaks all over the state to encourage organ donation, honoring her brother’s memory and legacy.

  2. Shari, Lisa and Family, I’m so sorry for your loss. I heard the tragic news from my mom and find it disheartening he came so close to getting a life saving organ only to fall short. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Tony Marino

  3. Kristi Ormsbee

    I have a little heart on my license ❤

  4. I am so sorry about John’s death. Ben and I both have a little heart on our licenses too, so if there is ever a question, you can speak for me and Ben that we want to donate our organs. Thanks for the note. Give my best the family.

  5. I too have a little heart on my license and it truly is a gift of life and hope for those who are need . The journey of waiting on a transplant list is something most of us with thankfully never have to endure. There is as you stated, much hope and despair held by the potential recipients and their loved ones. My heart goes out to Shari, Jolie, Evan and John’s extended community and family. With sympathy, Amy

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