a happy holiday

I find myself within this family that I have joined and the stuff that comes with it:  tsk-tsking about a family member who, alas, has become Christian, and what would the atheist parents say about that!; the family matriarch,  a retired Ivy-educated professional woman, whose every waking hour is dutifully prepping or cooking the next meal for her adult partner and other family members; my in-laws who after 30 years of marriage – the second for each of them – openly show affection; a “walk” in the woods that includes shears and shippers to make the trail as they go.

What the hell am I doing here?


2 responses to “a happy holiday

  1. Not having a good time, it sounds like. So sorry. I hope you have an upturn in the holiday season.

  2. whistleandblaster

    Oh, but I am. I liked the hike in the woods (protected land we were not supposed to tread on), I’m drinking good tequila in fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice (holiday gifts), I’m paging through piles of the Chronicle of Higher Education (surprisingly good writing on something that’s broken in this country) that arrived while I was away.

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