In William’s words: hasta luego


Two of 2501 Migrantes, Alejandro Santiago

Dear Friends,

These last few days have been good.  I have met people at the lending library previously, but I seem to be more open to getting to know them now.  Does it really take me six weeks to find, myself, in a new location; is it language?  Maybe it does; and is.  Rodrigo asked me to read his short story.  Kay asked me to change a light bulb.  Mike wanted to have us over for wine and cheese.  Catherine wanted to have us over to dinner before we return.  Lisa is getting a full moon party together this Saturday.  Yesterday we heard a lecture about permaculture; it’s what native cultures used to do, living within nature, and what modern cultures have gotten away from, and need to return to, to be less wasteful.  I have been trying to figure out if I have some work here, so that if we return it will not be as a tourist only.  We are going to have dinner with a couple Kay hooked us up with, who live in a suburb of Oaxaca, where the man does some version of remodeling.  It is like a blind date.

I still have much Spanish to practice.  Lisa still loves it all.  I am wondering if her current euphoria will wear off as she distances herself from the USPS.  We are talking of returning, both to the US and to Oaxaca.  We are talking about, saving more money, selling “The Residence at Illinois Avenue,” selling “The Bath House,” selling none, one, or both.  Everything depends on everything else.  So it’s simple really.  You agree with me right that life is really simple and straightforward?

I miss my friends in DC, I miss my sister, I miss my father.  Is this why we go away, to miss what we miss?  Anyway.  I will be returning early.  Seven weeks of newness and discovery and I am tired.  It’s just time to return to the city where I have learned slowly how to make happiness.  Lisa is staying until November 2nd as we planned.  I will be home in the early hours of Tuesday the 22nd.  Hmmmm…, did all this flowering stuff happen after I decided to hasten my return to the US?  See you soon.




2 responses to “In William’s words: hasta luego

  1. whistleandblaster

    And I’m very sad — I cried about this — but William wants to return early, on Monday. He has been great, reading many books. We’ve gotten along very well and the other people we have met like him so much. We even just met a new person today who has experience with doing odd carpentry jobs here, who may influence William. And as of now, William says that we should go ahead with plans to return in a few months for a time and is spotting for apartments on our daily walks.

    But he is just ready to go back, done with markets, walking around. I’m not. I think he’s right in noting one difference is that I feel in a new phase after leaving my job, and that is coloring my moods in bright shades. And I just like ‘travel’ more too, with less discomfort in being in situations I may not get.

    C’est la vie. Or the Spanish equivalent.

  2. Safe travels and goodness to you both. You are on journeys both physically and emotionally…. so many new sparks and embers being stirred… Stay well, stay healthy and stay as happy as happy can be!

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