One, two, three. . . and so on


Single-village mezcal.

I understand the analogy to single-malt scotch, but most of you cannot tell the difference. (If you can, I toast you right now. Salud.) And do you think or care that the mescal industry is that complicated?

But here’s the thing: When did we start quantifying things beyond our ability to perceive what value that may have?

1000-thread count sheets. Is the skin of your rear end that sensitive? You have a neurological disorder.

Degrees of temperature in the refrigerator. You used to care only that it was “cold” in there.

6.5-inch touchscreen with 40-gb hard drive on the inside of a car.  Are you driving it from Point A to Point B or living in it?

I give you 30 seconds, more or less, to stop it.


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