collateral complications to the federal shutdown

There must be a special category of ill effects of the federal shutdown — couples in which one partner is furloughed and the other can/needs to keep working.  That messes with the daily household dynamic, right?

How’s that working for you?

2 responses to “collateral complications to the federal shutdown

  1. Yes, the shutdown changing it up. Keith (my husband) is furloughed and would say it’s terrible. I say, it is great to have someone at home taking care of all the errands, i.e. it’s great to have a wife! It’s been only two weeks, and he has the kids schedules down pat and is freeing me up from keeping tabs on picking up shirts at dry cleaner for the homecoming dance this Saturday; driving to sports; etc. He says I am easily fooled! Well, he never complained about work to begin with. I complain less, now that I don’t think about home so much for the 8 hours I am there.

  2. Pay aside, it’s been great. I get home from work and a hot meal is waiting for me. He packs my lunch and has been doing laundry, cleaning out the basement, and running errands. I actually feel a little guilty not doing as much around the house, but then I’m working all day plus some overtime so I tell myself to just enjoy it.

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