Looking ok, if not good

If my hair looks funny today, it might be because I had my hair cut last night by the guy around the corner, Jose, I think.  Not much language in common, but I never feel as if I communicate clearly with my hair cutters anyway.

William had gone there last week and he looks ok, and I thought it iconoclastic that he has a motorcycle parked inside his storefront shop.  He said that kids don’t cry during a haircut when they’re sitting on a motorcycle.  Sweet.  He also charges unisex prices.  I boycott places that don’t.

I didn’t let him cut too much, but we agreed that I could come back today to cut a little more “si necesario.”  He did say with a smile, “si, cortar, no pegar,”  I can cut, but I can’t stick it back on.

That’s what all hairdressers say.


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