I think I see the problem here. End the military.

Are you, as I am, seeing another military, mental health-failing, gun-toting connection? Is there something about going to war that teaches one that killing is ok? Just wondering.

And when I read the stories of the heroic efforts of surgeons and the advances in prosthetic limb engineering, I want to ask whether no one is screaming about the known cause of the head traumas and limbless young adults.

Right-wing fabulists try to suppress women’s equality, various styles of sex, and inexplicably, the availability of abortion as the sources of all of society’s evil.  But they have not considered zeroing out the military — and its rigorous on-site training programs in foreign countries — to eliminate mass shootings and the quieter, though more frequent, singletons and suicides, and the devastating, expensive life-long mental and physical injury of war.

End the military.


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