I hope this reaches you in time

I heard one time, years ago, that the most frequently used place name in the world is — Humboldt.


I found this astonishing, since I knew only of a university in California and an ocean current with that name, and  I’ve hardly seen it much more since.  But here it is, a rather short street in Oaxaca (the one with the red wall above) with an oddly Germanic name among the others, mostly Spanish, and understandably, Zapotec.

I looked the guy up on Wikipedia , and 1) he really got about the globe for his time, including to a lot of what is now Latin America, and 2) his birthday is tomorrow, 14 September.

So, lift a glass to him on Saturday if you can.  And do you have a favorite Humboldtian location in your life?  Please share, and surprise me again.


3 responses to “I hope this reaches you in time

  1. There is a Humboldt Park in Chicago. Made famous by the Christian hymn, “Jesus is sneaking through Humboldt Park.” ( Many peopled incorrectly think this hymn is, “Jesus is seeking the humble heart.” We native Chicagoans know better.)

  2. And I am delighted to see this: I open Oliver Sacks’ Oaxaca Journal to reread about ferns (above), and right on the first page of the preface is a reference to Alexander von Humboldt. He mentions the street too, on page 24.

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