Cat on a cord


We see a lot of loose dogs here all over the place.  They’re no candy-ass house pet dogs with collars and leashes and such, but just in-the-know street dogs, hanging out with buddies or going to check things out.  I wonder why they don’t all start to look more like each other.  Why are they not all one big mixed-up gene pool, like the people of Iceland?

So we saw this cat.  On a rope.  Cats do not normally like being told what to do, or kept in when they want to go out and vice versa, never mind being insultingly kept on a string.  Her owner said it was to keep her from running all around here, and moved her arm in a circular motion about the restaurant in which we were eating.  I said that I thought the she seemed ok with it, “feliz,” I said.  The owner said that it was because she knew she was getting out later.


One response to “Cat on a cord

  1. I once visited a poor family in a small town outside of Mexico City and they had a lot of animals wandering around their (mostly open) house and yard. All of the cats and kittens had ropes around their necks, with one end tied to loose bricks, which were moved as necessary.

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