In William’s words

I’m pretty sure that if he were awake to do so, William would allow me to lift his email to friends yesterday.
We arrived safely in Oaxaca.  I has rained every day, sometimes at night, usually late in the day.  The casita is nice, grapefruits that grow outside the door give just a little juice.  The caretakers are named Helen and Augustine.  They both move very slowly and must be in their 80’s.  Helen is the only one who talks and you have to lean in so her hearing aid will work.  Both our little houses are in a compound that is sweet and unkempt at the same time, as mine might be if I was older and less able to sort and clean.  Cathy, the owner, lives in Woodstock, N.Y. We sent a deposit to her in cash then paid the balance of our rent to Helen in Oaxaca, so we are supporting the old folks in the compound.  It feels a little like an old folks home.  We have a cleaning lady who comes twice a week, I think mainly to empty the fecal paper basket since it is not allowed to put paper in the toilet, and will clean and wash the sheets.  A man comes around every day in the alley calling “aaaagua,aaaaagua” and Helen told us if we need a five gallon bottle of water to give him 17$ plus one for a tip.
    I am still not sure why I am here in Oaxaca.  My first attraction is always the materials of construction.  Almost everything her for construction is concrete based: bricks, adobe bricks, plaster, tile.  Lots of paint too.  I spend an awful lot of time fantasizing about my future compound, with its rain collection system and solar hot water. I have already purchased a motorcycle and my helper is going now to purchase some bricks and mortar — not. 
    I saw an add for teaching children English.  I wonder if that is something I can do.  I don’t really understand the mechanics of English.  I got so excited when I reheard the word “subjunctive” listening to Garrison Keillor. I am sure my teachers tried to learn me but I just didn’t.  I am finding fascination in Garrison’s show that had Guy Noir’s client responding to questions with only questions, or the Car Guys with a listener’s letter about all the words like “disgruntled,” where there is no word gruntled if the dis is removed.  I’ll teach them children about hosopotomei and grungification.

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