Privacy/solitude: Augustino in contemplation

Privacy/solitude: Augustino in contemplation, 3 septiembre 2013

I was worried first of all about privacy. Our kitchen/dining room is a twelve-foot sheet of glass on one side and floor-to-ceiling glass doors on another, looking out directly to the house of Helen and Augustino, the property owners, and on the only walkway from it.
But now that the gentleman of the house has stepped outside to sit on his chair in the sun, wearing slippers, argyle socks, underwear and a shawl, topped with a smart hat, I see that modesty and privacy are not concerns here.

3 septiembre 2013


2 responses to “Privacy/solitude: Augustino in contemplation

  1. whistleandblaster

    This picture is taken through said window as I sat at my worktable in the kitchen.

  2. Somehow I imagine he and William will get along well.

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