Lost on the Road

I probably had 20 ideas or snippets of ideas on my way to work this morning.  On my bike.  With no way to write them down or talk into a recorder or anything.

  • Oh, isn’t the reservoir beautiful in the morning!  Who knew about this waterview property in DC?  It’s my little secret.
  • I think when I give a little wrist swirl when I make my hand signals people pay more attention.
  • Why did William Shakespeare name his son Hamnet, but the play Hamlet?
  • Where did that guy learn to drive? Sheesh.
  • Ooooh, I just remembered I should have called Rita back yesterday.  First thing when I get in. . .
  • Those trees are basically growing in asphalt!  They’re like accidental bonsai trees! 
  • Festivus really is a great holiday.  What family gathering doesn’t have “airing of grievances” anyway?  We’ve been doing it all along and didn’t know.  I’m going to look up the guy who really invented it.
  • That’s the second penny I couldn’t stop to pick up.  If I see a dime I’ll stop.
  • I’d like to make some more limoncello.  Actually, not “more” since William did the whole thing last time. Or maybe I could make some other liqueur.

I guess the brilliant ones are lost forever.


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