New job, new life. (You first, then me.)

Wow. I’m SO wishing you all the best at the job. And I go beyond that – imagining a whole new lifestyle with minimal driving, walking to work, enjoying the town you actually live in, having extra hours of personal time.

In my mind, I’ve go you making a pot of coffee when you wake up, reading the paper in your underwear, creating a little almond-butter-and-cucumber sandwich on whole wheat bread/piece of fruit lunch, then walking less than a mile to work, instead of driving for a precious hour.

Oh, the money you’ll save.

After work, I have you slipping a couple of work documents and some pleasure reading into your bag, walking to the nearest café on the way home, nursing one (1) glass of wine while you read your stuff, then walking on home for a healthy dinner.

Oh, the mental health you’ll feel.

And I’m waiting for world peace to break out too. William says I have an active imagination. Yes, I do. But wishing can make things happen. And I’ve just described the lifestyle I want to have. I admit to two (2) glasses of wine.

Send word about how it all goes.


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