what not to say

As we need new good luck tokens – who has a rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe around anymore? – so do we need updated metaphors. No more using old-fashioned terms like “sands of time” (no hourglasses) “from frying pans to fire” (less open-pit cooking). Agreed?

Here are some relatively newer fresh ones from Dr. House, of the eponymous TV show. (From About.com’s Grammar and Composition site)

And send in suggestions for new good luck symbols.

· The tumor is Afghanistan, the clot is Buffalo. Does that need more explanation? OK, the tumor is Al-Qaeda. We went in and wiped it out, but it had already sent out a splinter cell–a small team of low-level terrorists quietly living in some suburb of Buffalo, waiting to kill us all. . . . It was an excellent metaphor. Angio her brain for this clot before it straps on an explosive vest. (“Autopsy”)

· The liver is like a cruise ship taking in water. As it starts to sink, it sends out an SOS. Only instead of radio waves, it uses enzymes. The more enzymes in the blood, the worse the liver is. But once the ship has sunk, there’s no more SOS. You think the liver’s fine, but it’s already at the bottom of the sea. (“Locked In”)


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