AT Mix — nutritionally dense

For the second year running, William and I went camping under the full November moon to mark our anniversary. (The day of our legal paper-signing, I led him on a little full moon hike above Boulder, where we didn’t notice the “beware of mountain lions” sign until we were back to the trailhead. Not funny at the time. Could have been a short marriage.)  On the drive out and back, I read aloud from a great book, The Appalachian Hiker, by Ed Garvey, 1978 edition. If you can find one, just open it up and read. We read of his discovery, credited properly to the hiker who told him about it, of “AT mix,” two parts brown rice, one part each barley and lentils. Garvey declared it to be the perfect trail dinner for density and nutrients, and in fact started to eat it all the time, as do we, now. We could rename it “anniversary supper special,” but “AT mix” is too perfect.


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