Where we’re going, nationally

From Steve Bachmann, brilliant observer of painful realities:

— Arizona is now considered a knife carrier’s dream…Arizona’s transformation, and the recent lifting of a ban on switchblades, stilettos, drinks and daggers in New Hampshire, has given new life to the knife rights lobby… NYT A1

–While the Saudis are urging us to take out Iran’s nuclear capability, we learn from the cables that private Saudi donors today still constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorists worldwide … So basically our oil payments are cycled through Saudi Arabia and end up funding the very  militants whom our soldiers are fighting. NYT WK 8

–[Obama’s federal] pay freeze will save the government a scant $5 billion over two years … the extension of the Bush tax cuts to the $250,000-plus income bracket will add $80 billion to the deficit in two years… NYT


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