The Next House

Surprise.  William has bought a new property.  Berkeley Springs (I prefer the more romantic, historic name of Bath), West Virginia. He’s there now, after going to closing yesterday.

I’m partly to blame, bringing real estate notices a couple times a week in my nightly show-and-tell.  We have often discussed the imaginary list of criteria for “the next house.”

  maximum two-hour drive from here.

  near water, kayakable, ideally

  in a town – need the library, some people, provisions

  modest, small Dwell-style shelter

  energy efficiency a goal – ground source heat?  Could it be off the grid?


This place meets a lot of those, though the water is a natural hot spring and the national park that grew up around it.  The Cacapon River isn’t far away. 

As a town, it’s pretty small – fewer than 700 people.  But it has old buildings, a public library, a farmer’s market, an artists’ coop.

So, he’s there now, at his house, or mine, I don’t know which it is.  He’s hit the hardware store and food coop for needs.  Coincidentally, the food coop distributor is familiar, having served the Takoma Park coop where William worked many years ago.

He called last night to tell me about the sunset and evening view of the town, and this morning to tell me about the morning light.

I’m trying to imagine it, but I can’t.  Soon all will be welcome there.


One response to “The Next House

  1. It’s a great spot!

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