you know in your gut

The former president used the word “hotness” to refer to a woman, and you didn’t have to throw up a little in your mouth. What a difference.

Painting of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama by Amy Sherald, oil on linen, 2018, lifted from Washington Post site today.

sports report

I — no fan of pro football — tried to explain that touchdown to William, who doesn’t watch football at all either. But I think I nailed it, because they showed it on TV after that and it looked like what I said!  I said:
…the game was basically over by the time this happened. Despite some drama early in the day, the white-jersey team had just made the kick-through-the-goalposts, which gives three points instantly. There was essentially no time left on the clock, so people would probably be putting on their coats and leaving. (Except it was Minnesota, I think, so they probably had their coats on the whole time.)
Then the purple-jersey team kept playing anyway! One guy, way back in the field, threw the ball right to a teammate, surrounded by NO ONE! He caught it, turned to run through a field that looked like NEBRASKA — uninhabited. (Kristi Ormsbee can attest to this, as we discussed it for hours while driving through Nebraska in August.)
He ran swiftly, and I think the official clock must have run out while he was en route, but since NO ONE was around, he just stuck his landing with no drama in the end zone.

“shouldn’t have to beg” — a few New Year’s Eve greetings

Hope you didn’t miss my earlier message. Today is your last chance to make your 2017 tax-deductible gift.

Final reminder: Make a tax-deductible year-end gift now.

Time is running out — Greenpeace

I wanted to send one last message before tonight’s midnight deadline, explain why this race is so important, and why you need to give now.

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Last call!

So, so close! – WETA

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Tonight I need your help, Lisa – Donna Edwards

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It’s the final countdown (ball drop not included) – Aaron Scheinberg for Congress

Join me in 2018, Lisa? –

Let’s cut this ribbon! — Washington Area Bicycle Association

Last chance to double your impact! – National Parks Foundation

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Ring in the new year with premium fresh fruit – Harry & David

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let there be dark


Tomorrow the tilt of the earth and its long-standing relationship with the sun will result in the onset of winter. Humans have known this for a long time, because the darkness of night reaches its longest duration.

Where I live, the moment the sun shines right over the Tropic of Capricorn will be in the daytime, just before lunch, but I’ll mark it with a bright fire and warm drink when darkness comes, well before supper.

And I’ll look up, as I don’t do often enough, to notice the night above and all around, that has diminished in our age, giving way to the brightness of the many shiny and glowing objects, symbols of our prosperity and consumption.

Use this day as a chance to turn out some unnatural lights and let the darkness in.



In honor of all of you who have recently downsized

Perhaps it was the hiking in fresh air yesterday, but today’s the day! I’m sorting the bookshelves in the bedroom.

I so like the trendy style of sorting books by color (as they are at the backroom bar/library at Petworth Citizen) and that’s fine for browsing, but not for retrieving. At home I make my own categories:

‘read and liked it’
‘read it but can’t remember — might try again’
‘meant to read’
‘should have read’

and then the purely esthetic traits — beautiful spine and ‘just the right size for this shelf.’



William’s helping, like this.


Alas, there are more shelves on the first floor and in the basement.

I didn’t quit the Paris accord


Standard transportation, especially for points west and south in the District. This is the designated parking space.

I thought we could relax a little…


I thought his threats could not possibility come to be, that checks and balances would play out, that the people charged to do the immoral work would shrink back. But today, the earth itself is under assault again, the nation’s foes are in charge.

I am reminded of the words of Rev. Niemoller in the Nazi era, rephrased here for our own time.

First he came for the Muslims, and I said “Guys, let’s take a wait-and-see approach here.”
Then he came for the Mexican Americans, and I said, “Let’s not be sore losers just because the other guy won.”
Then he came for the press, and I said, “What makes this country great is our peaceful transitions of power.”
Then he came for the women, and I said, “Try to have some compassion for the frustrations of the other side.”
Then he came for the black community, and I said, “I know it sucks, but wait four years.”
Then he came for me, and I said, “How could this have happened? I did everything I could.”

How about Rapunzel?

My niece is pregnant, waiting for the new little person to shape and mold. But he or she (perhaps she knows which, I do not — not that it matters so much any more…), will need a distinctive name, and pronto.

I love words in general, and names specifically, so I can’t stop thinking about this.  I started to notice that a lot of names I might like to give to a baby are already on cars.

Ranger (my favorite)
Insight (a little abstract)

Jolie, don’t worry; I have more.

Trump, escucha! Estamos en la lucha!

In my long(ish) life I’ve been to a few actions and demonstrations, the matters at hand ranging from the desire for a new stop sign to a plastic bag ban to the plea for reproductive rights for everyone.

Today’s immigrant demonstration was particularly pithy, what with the young man who wondered why his mother sacrificed everything in Central America to take her family to the US, and found out it was to evacuate him, her son who she knew was gay long before he did, to safer ground; the trans woman employed at a  prominent local university without citizenship status; and the undocumented women with children here legally, one at her hip, at imminent risk of a shredded family. All have everything — everything — to lose, by the stroke of a pen from the man in whose front yard they spoke.

to my friend’s friend on Facebook, who thinks Donald Trump is morally superior to Hillary Clinton

I don’t know you, and it’s probably not worth engaging, but I would say you clearly need more information.

I recommend today’s Washington Post editorial, but it’s very long with words of more than two syllables, and would take a lot of concentration.  It’s boldly called, “Donald Trump is a Unique Threat to American Democracy.” But the currently available piece on the New Yorker Radio Hour by the fellow who ghost-wrote The Art of the Deal is also available, and you can just listen. (When you hear the two different voices, that is the female interviewer and the male writer, so don’t be confused about that.)

While you’re thinking about this, when you aim to disqualify Hillary Clinton because she is allegedly married to an adulterer, does the known adultery of candidate Trump trouble you? If not, how do you hold both of those ideas in your head at one time?